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The main purpose of this swap is to take advantage of the huge adjustability inherent in a multi-link system, and all the aftermarket parts that further enable adjustments. Including the ability to use the larger/stronger axles from the early-90's 300ZX, Skyline, and Q45 models, as well as making it easier to obtain ring and pinion gear sets ...Wait command
We can custom make aluminum and steel driveshafts for your engine swap or stock Z. ... New differential flange for 300ZX turbo Z31 rearend and early 90's 240SX R200 ...

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turbo kits to swap kits, we got it all. SHOP NOW. There are 240 reasons to own a 240. Swap kits are just one of them. Check out our endless list of parts and upgrades.

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Tail lights are important for safety, making your vehicle visible at night and enabling you to let other drivers know when you are stopping and turning, but they’re also styling features that are so distinctive that you can tell the make and model of some vehicles just by the pattern of illumination revealed in the darkness.

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Nov 13, 2014 · Friend of mine, Alex Via, has performed a vg33 swap into an s13, to use for drifting. Turns out the FS5R71C from the 300ZX Z31 N/A models is similar to the FS5R71C found in the 240sx with ka and sr's. it's also similar to trans used on rb's.

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240Z/260Z/280Z 1970-1978 (S30) 280ZX 1979-1983 (S130) 300ZX 1984-1989 (Z31) 300ZX 1990-1996 (Z32) 350Z 2003-2008 (Z33) 370Z 2009-2021 (Z34) This is a project I've been working on for a while, allowing you to browse for certain collector cars, project cars, off roaders, whatever, on a national scale, kind of like a hacked together SearchTempest for Facebook Marketplace.

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Whether you race Pro Stock, Super Comp, or just want to rebuild your old Chevy 350 small block, there are cylinder heads just for you! Performance cylinder heads enhance the airflow into your engine, giving you improved power and torque.

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Nov 09, 2015 · This 1988 Nissan 300ZX started life with a 3.0 liter V6, but is now home to a 4.5 liter V8 pulled from an Infiniti Q45. While the Z31 chassis was the final Z to house a straight six, this one’s eight cylinder swap is interesting and appears to be pretty well executed. Find it here on Craigslist in Tampa, Florida for $10k.

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The Quaife differential provides constant and infinitely variable drive. Power is transferred automatically without the use of normal friction pads or plates seen in other limited-slip designs. The Quaife's unique design offers maximum traction, improves handling and steering, and puts the power where it is needed most.

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In Japan, the Z31 also came with a 2.0 liter motor and was called a 200Z, 200ZG, 200ZS (VG20ET) or 200ZR (RB20DET). The later years also included a VG30DE in the 300ZR. What are the visual differences in the years of the US Z31s? The Z31 can be classified in 2 major groups. 1984 to 1986 year models (Zenki)

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Datsun and Nissan 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX 300ZX ( Z31 - Z32 ) 350Z & 370Z performance, racing, and restoration parts, accessories, technical information, events, and Z car show pictures.

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Aug 11, 2009 · z31 300zx turbo, rear diff after welding . 2. Was out of a 240 Sx wit the SR20 turbo swap. ... The benefits of having a locked diff are that there is always equal ...

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