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Shadow Nise Satokana and a new bond Shadow Yukiko Amagi and a past friend The Basketball Team Golden Week Midterms Assumptions Shadow Kanji Tatsumi and a Wish Granted Awaiting Kanji The School Camping Trip Pop Idol - Ryo Kujikawa Shadow Ryo Kujikawa and Shadow Berry Awaiting Ryo The Death of King Moron and The Bullying of Hitomi NarukamiOhio state helmet
Fandom: Persona 3/Persona 4. Rating: T. Warnings: Spoilers for both games. Status: Complete. Characters: Souji Seta (Yu Narukami) & Akihiko Sanada, P4 ensemble, some P3. Summary: Souji Seta knew things that he shouldn’t. It started out simple, but when a shadow in the TV world creates a phantom city complete with a familiar, green tower ...

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FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. for Persona 4: Face Every Shadow: The Golden. 7/13/2018 c11 Guest I really wish this fic could continue. 4/2/2017 c11 Justsomerandomhuman Hi, thanks for the great story! It's just, uh, is this one dead? ... Will Yu have to deal with beings stronger than Izanami? Compared to many of the other ...

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3840x2160 Persona 4 Wallpaper Background Image. View, download, comment, and rate - Wallpaper Abyss ... Shadow-kr Kiovar FrostinOrb1766 BmanRock14 ... Yu Narukami ...

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Based on Persona 4/Golden/Animated with extra stuff added in. Yukiko x OC, Rise x OC, Yu x Marie, Yosuke x Chie, Kanji x Naoto, Teddie x OC and more. Title partly inspired by the bridge in "All I Want" by A Day To Remember.

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Chara Dreemurr is a recurring antagonist/supporting character of the fanfiction story The Duelist of Mt. Ebbot (formally named Frisk the Duelist). He was the first of the children to fall to the underground, in Mt. Ebbot, a mysterious mountain, that says any human have entered it, never returned. He died before the beginning of The Duelist of Mt. Ebbot, along with Asriel Dreemurr, that lead to ...

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Labrys is released from the Big Bad 's control (willingly or thanks to Fuuka), Mitsuru requests the IT to leave this to her and her allies, Yu "agrees" despite protests from the others before they comply (which Mitsuru and Aigis see through), and the entire group leaves. Next day, the IT see Labrys and the rest of the Shadow Operatives off.

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Image detail for Persona 4 Yu X Yosuke Fanfic : Title: Persona 4 Yu X Yosuke Fanfic; Date: September 28, 2020; Size: 260kB; Resolution: 640px x 570px; More Galleries of Yosuke X Yu. Yosuke X Yu Yu X Yosuke On Tumblr 1817 Best Images About Anime Obsession On Pinterest Shin Megami Tensei: PERSONA 4 Image #180515

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The more Shadows there are in a given area the more powerful they can become, admittedly my only basis on this are the Shadows in Persona 4. Specifically, Yosuke's Shadow, Yu was able to defeat Yosuke's Shadow very easily despite only awakening less than 30 minutes ago all because there weren't that many Shadows to help empower it and it ...

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Comments: Features the children of both the characters of Persona 4 and 3, though there's more focus on the former, with the protagonist and narrator being Rui, Kanji and Naoto's daughter and oldest child. This takes place about twenty-seven years after Persona 4. Note: Link goes to a currently much shorter story, as the author is rewriting it.

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Narukami Yu is the quiet teenager who moves to Inaba to live with his uncle and cousin while his parents are away on an overseas work. He attends Yasogami High School where he meets his newfound friends, Yosuke Hanamura and Chie Satonaka. Yu is for the most part depicted as quiet, polite and calm person all throughout the story.

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