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Available Puppies For Sale, Long Island, New York, NY, NYC, CT, NJ Call (631) 644-0326 For An Appointment. All Breeds. Pdx1 9mm 124 vs 147
-Beowulf Mastiffs Global- 17 Ozark Dr Damascus, Arkansas 72039 (mailing address only - this is not the address of the home/kennel - please call or email for those directions) Phone:315-744-7437 [email protected] Beowulf Mastiffs/Beowulf Mastiff/ Beowulf Mastifs Global is Federally Trademarked and Copywrited.

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Saving the lives of Pets, Enhancing the lives of people. © 2015 by Saving Grace Animal Rescue.

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...Maryland MD, Massachusetts, Michigan MI, Minnesota, Mississippi neapolitan mastiff breeder VA, Washington WA, Neapolitan Mastiff, neapolitan mastiff puppies, neapolitan mastiff sale West...

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Happy Go Lucky Mastiff Rescue is a famiIy based rescue.We Rescue AII Breeds of mastiffs, AIso Great Danes,any Iarge breed dogs. We HeIp Dogs that have been abandoned, abused, negIected, or Surrendered due to Iack of time/finances etc. We get them the care they need and then pIace them in wonderfuI and Loving Forever homes

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Rescue is a wonderful way to gain a new family companion and possibly save a life. Just like buying from a breeder, research is of utmost importance. Here are some basic hallmarks of good and reputable rescue organizations: They have a clear mission to place dogs. First and foremost, a rescue should be trying to place the dogs in their care.

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HISTORY. The ancestors of the Great Dane include British mastiffs and possibly wolfhounds. The Great Dane was recognized by United Kennel Club in 1923.

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About We are a very small, very high quality Maine Coon Cat in home breeder located in Central Pennsylvania. We are currently looking to partner with other cat lovers interested in breeding our super quality Maine Coon Cats in their homes as part of an "Annex" to our current very successfu

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Pibbles & More Animal Rescue was started with the belief that no animal should die unwanted. After seeing the abundance of Pit bulls in shelters we decided to try to do something about it. We rescues dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, from high-kill shelters and dangerous situations and places them in loving homes.

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Big Dawgs Rescue was founded in May 2009 by Joanne Rivero, and is run entirely by volunteers. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless and abandoned pets by placing them into loving forever homes. Although we still focus on large breed dogs, we have expanded our efforts to include pets of all shapes and sizes.

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This breed was established in 1846 in Leonberg, Germany, in the region of Wurttemberg by the German breeder Heinrich Essing from a crossing of the Newfoundland, St. Bernard, and the Great Pyrenees.

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Home 724-451-8122 and Cell 724-710-4392 Check out my Instagram @ candysamericanbulldogs

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