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For Loading Ball Bearings and other purposes; Pre Loading Ball Bearings in Electric Motors; Metric Lock Washers ISO Metric BS 4463:1969; Imperial Lock Washers BA Unified Imperial BS 3401:1961; Shims and Other Washers. Metric Shim Washers; Shim Washers Support Washer; Curved Spring Washers; Finger Spring Washers Azcopy sftp
6-Bolts and locks. 7-Bearing cage and shims (Use two 3/8" - 16 NC forcing screws to remove bearing cage). 11. Remove coupling, bearing cage and shims from the left side in the same manner. Keep the shims with their respective cage. Do not mix the shims from one cage to another. Removing the bevel gear. Removing the bevel gear shaft.

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Aug 08, 1986 · - Differential bearings and races - Pinion bearings and races - Carrier Shims - Pinion seal - Pinion nut - Crush sleeve - Ring gear bolts - Gear marking compound with brush - Rear cover gasket. Features and Benefits: - All-inclusive kit - To be used with ring and pinion gear sets - Professional installation is highly recommended for this job

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Notes: Ring And Pinion Master Install Kit -- Chrysler 9.25; Incl. Pinion Bearings / Nut / Seal / Shims / Crush Sleeve / Ring Gear Bolts / Gasket / Marking Compound; 9.25 in. (12 Bolt) Features: Provides All Necessary Parts To Install Your Ring and Pinion

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Each ring gear and pinion is developed to run at .007” to .009” backlash for street gear sets. 13. Adjustments for backlash are done by spanner rings in the housing or shim packs behind the carrier bearing cups (GM® or Dana®). Always be sure carrier bearings are pre-loaded. The carrier should not fall out of the housing, but should have

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Assemble the shaft into the housing and lay down on press with the innermost bearing abutting its outer ring. Insert Spacer (54A) and then the shim pack (54B) as removed. Position the RH bearing (54) and press home. As the rollers load up, note the tension and freeplay in the bearings by rotating the housing.

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Also known as machinery bushings, these shims have an oversized OD to create a larger bearing surface for reduced wear between moving parts. Color-Coded Ring Shims Precisely align, level, and adjust spacing on fasteners, shafts, and machinery with these shims, which are color-coded by thickness for easy identification.

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There is a shim behind the large bearing on the pinion. Mine was damaged when pinion broke. The shim has three evenly spaced tabs on it that hold it centered on the pinion shaft.

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The shims on a typical Dana 44 will be in 3 places as follows: Between each carrier bearing and the carrier - adjusts backlash and carrier bearing preload. Behind the race for the pinion head bearing - adjusts pinion depth. At the end of the pinion where the splines are - sets pinion bearing preload.

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On vehicles equipped with a two piece drive shaft & carrier bearing as on the Mega Cab, there is the potential for take off vibration, depending on the severity, this can be corrected with shimming down the carrier bearing.

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Ring & Pinion Bearing Kit w/Shims - Dana 44. Fits: 1972-77 Ford Bronco. Condition: New Part Number: 3515 0 customer reviews / Submit Your Own Review. Price: $99.95 ...

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